Jaxx Liberty wallet online


Decentral, a leading blockchain innovator who co-founded Ethereum Anthony Di Iorio, has launched the online version of the Jaxx Liberty wallet, a new cryptocurrency wallet that has changed the way crypto is managed. To learn more about what is jaxx online, follow the link, because Jaxx overcomes the fragmentation of the cryptocurrency market, giving e-currency holders the opportunity to use a single unified interface to get access to daily used management tools.

Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty is a wallet that empowers the masses to take advantage of the cryptocurrency and blockchain. Jaxx Liberty builds on the success of Jaxx, one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets with millions of downloads. The new interface introduces a unified dashboard and modular approach to provide the information needed to navigate the system through features including news, market data, portfolio, and a multipurpose block explorer.


In line with Decentral’s privacy values, Jaxx Liberty is built on a business model that does not collect personal information from users and respects their autonomy. Jaxx Liberty is a free online marketplace. The crypto wallet, the flagship product of the Decentral Project, is the first in a series of products introduced in 2018 aimed at informing and empowering control over digital life through decentralized technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Today, Decentral boasts complementary products, including:


  • Decentral Unity (JXX) loyalty token is a reward system that encourages people to use Jaxx Liberty and interact with partners.
  • Decentralized Academy is a reliable information portal for ordinary people, where you can get objective and comprehensive information about the power and potential of decentralized technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • MyJaxx is a gaming resource to encourage interaction with partners, designed to keep people entertained and informed while navigating the Jaxx system.
  • You can download the online version of the Jaxx wallet by following the link to enjoy all the management options in the era of cryptocurrency. You can also use the wallet from a web browser.